We aspire, to be clear, simple and efficient to help our clients make the right choices in getting the right healthcare for their employees. And we strongly believe that only good service can secure the loyalty of clients and suppliers alike. This, in the long run, will become a source of new business second to none.

HealthCare is not a line of insurance anymore. It is an industry all by itself and in most countries its volume surpass all lines of insurance put together. It is high time we fix the damage done over the years to the reputation of healthcare protection. We at MedRight believe firmly that we can achieve this objective in a record period of time, just a few years.

Living a whole & healthy life is every human’s right and we at MedRight ensuring that every individual beneficiary covered by us is protected in a comprehensive manner and has timely access to Professional & Quality health care.

We are an innovative and dynamic organisation dedicated to deliver personal, professional and proactive health care to our Members. Our commitment is to partner with our Members in their journey to a healthy, fulfilling and meaningful life.

All we do at Med-Right starts with our values that reflect who we are and what can be expected from us. Our values carry through our thoughts and actions of every day and drive our commitment to excellence in all our actions.

M utual respect and Trust: We treat others the way we want to be treated.
E xcellence : We do our best at all times and look for ways to improve.
D iversity : Our organisation encourages diversity of gender, age, nationality, education and work experience.
R elationships : We build strong long term business relationships with our providers and clients alike. We believe mutual success is the only way to build loyalty. We strive to surpass customer expectations.
I ntegrity : To say precisely what is meant, to deliver what we promise and when we promise. To be willing to raise and address difficult issues that may affect safety, performance, or legal responsibility. To forthrightly admit error and make amends when appropriate.
G iving : we offer our members the means to live a better life by offering them the best healthcare services.
H onesty : To have the courage to speak the truth, and to be absolutely forthright in all cases, with our customers, co-workers, and other stakeholders.
T eamwork : We encourage the involvement and the contribution of each employee. We reward open and honest communications. In our workplace every employee can share a sense of ownership.

Dr. Mohammad Refaat
has built through his contacts, management skills and excellent PR a portfolio of 90,000 covered members in a period of just 3 years

Dr. Mary Mikhael
Vice Chairman
was the pillar of one of the remarkable organization since its foundation and thanks to her hard work, commitment and honesty, the company became in a very short time one of the best in Egypt